Testimonials For Fraida Varah

Testimonials For Fraida Varah

Whoever said a realtor is a realtor has obviously not come across the Fraida Varah Real Estate Group.  You are more than just a realtor...you are a well oiled selling team!  You were exactly what I needed and I am so glad that I found you. Fraida, you really know what you are talking about and have an excellent handle on the Albany market. You told me exactly what needed to be done to better market our home, and when we did it, you sold our home as promised.

Cheryl Brandmeir

I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our new home. All of our relatives can’t believe how beautiful our surroundings are, the pool, the trees, the birds, the everything. You and your team made this all possible. We weren’t the easiest customer, the economy was not ideal and with all the hurdles thrown in your way your positive forward momentum kept us on the right track. This has been the best summer of our family’s life and I can’t help but think of you and your team every time we enjoy our new home. You deserve all the success you have achieved Fraida. You and your team have succeeded where others have failed. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Dan Lincourt and Family 


Fraida's team handled everything - from listing and selling our old house to moving to the new one - her team took care of EVERYTHING for us. The team-based approach was new to us, but it was explained up-front and we ended up being really pleased with it. Fraida spent a lot of her own time with us, as well, and called us every week with updates on the market, along with sending us market reports electronically. She called us on a Saturday more than once, and there was always someone from her office available to talk to us - be it day, night, weekend or holiday. That was my favorite part of working with them. We knew that no matter what, someone would take our call or answer our email. I felt like we were her VIP clients, even though our sale price and our purchasing budget weren't huge by any standards. Fraida is definitely a no-nonsense type of agent. She might not tell you what you want to hear, but she will tell you the truth and she will get you results. I would recommend her to anyone interested in selling or buying a house in this area. She knows the market better than anyone else and her team is amazing.

Robert & Claire Miller

Were it not for your knowledge of the market, I would have settled on something less than my desired house….During Labor Day week-end, a time when most are vacationing, there were calls flying attorneys, realtors and the moving company. You listened to my woes and most graciously and unselfishly offered your help. You even gave me your home number and stayed on call all weekend. Now that’s service that is above and beyond the call of duty.

Bernadette McCarthy

The first quality of a good teacher, a sense of caring about us, was expressed early in the process and was felt throughout the experience…..anytime we had a concern it was answered accurately, honestly and timely. The team approach in the office…. exemplifies the importance of surrounding oneself with competent, caring individuals. Thank you for your dedication, professionalism, and genuine sense of concern for my family that made this a wonderful experience for us.

Joshua & Wendy Smith

We could not help but notice your genuine concern for our needs...We were especially impressed with the market research provided by your office which literally saved us thousands of dollars…Thank you for taking the time to be so thoughtful and making us feel like we were your only clients.

Shawn & Tabitha Fahy

Even after the buying process was over, we were still able to count on your help. Due to an office error by the moving company, were charged for an extra hour of moving time. We had made many calls and sent many e-mails to try to get this resolved. It was only after you intervened that we got our just refund. We cannot thank you enough.

Michael & Louann Trout

Following your recommendation to not rush to list the house before it was ready was the proper advice. The fact that a contract for purchase was obtained within the first two weeks of isting and at the listed price ultimately confirms that your systemized approach pays off!

Stephen Simmons

The Service I received from your firm was so far superior to the previous service I received from another firm there really is no comparison. From our initial meeting through the closing, you and your staff provided professional service, as well as prompt, accurate and pleasant responses to my many questions.

Julia M. Filippone

You made selling our home so easy. Fraida, your talent in real estate helped us to find the right asking price, get the house ready, and sell quickly. We appreciate all the advice and not having to concern ourselves with the details.

Lisa Stoler & Bill Cuerdon

Now that the sale of our house and the purchase of a new one is behind us, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help through out the past few months. While moving can be an unsettling and monumental endeavor, you and the team at Fraida Varah Real Estate Group did everything possible to make it as stress-free and seamless a process as possible. Your professionalism, thoroughness and attention to every detail made the dreaded selling and buying process a manageable task for both of us.

Betsy & Mike Bernardi

Having been a sales professional for years, I can easily recognize excellence. From the time we sat down, your knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail were evident. As I mentioned to you, I was very disappointed in the lack of service the large real estate companies gave me prior to finding you. My sincere wish is that no seller would have to experience that nightmare of not getting called back etc.

Mary Curley

You achieved the sale of our house with enthusiasm and professionalism.  You and your dedicated team performed beyond the call of duty and helped to close all the details to make the sale of our house successful and complete.  Thank you so much for making our dreams come true.

Pam & Mark Guntrum

I was pleasantly surprised with the level of service and communication I received from your service team. I was most impressed with the rapid response to the few issues that came up during the transaction. Within a couple of weeks you found the exact qualified person that was looking for just my house….I couldn’t be more satisfied.

Michael F. DiNapoli

It has been a pleasure working with you on the sale of our home. What is classically thought to be a difficult and stressful process turned out to be a smooth and easy process thanks to your expertise and guidance. Your wise advice and endless talents enabled us to sell our home in a record five days.

Albert Catalano & Jeanette Stanziano