How You Benefit with Fraida Varah

How You Benefit with Fraida Varah

 Our Team Approach: How You Benefit

Single Agents Can’t Do It All...The Team Approach Results in Exceptional Client Service
One person cannot do it all and even if they try they certainly can’t do it all well. That’s why we have a team of licensed specialists paying attention to you and your concerns and all the details of your home sale or purchase transaction to make sure that nothing “falls through the cracks”.

Transaction Management: A Smoother Home Transaction
The most challenging part of the home sale or purchase transaction is the time from the signing of the purchase contract to the time the closing occurs. Fraida Varah and her team manage the transaction from contract to closing whereas most realtors feel their job is done once a purchase contract is signed.

The Experience Factor: Successful Closings
With over 2500 successful home transactions, Fraida Varah and her team have the wisdom gained from this experience to know how to help you avoid common pit falls in the process. When challenges arise in the transaction, often times whether or not the transaction concludes successfully or not depends on the experience level of the realtor and that realtor’s ability to offer solutions.

The Performance Factor: Value Added Results
Because of her market knowledge and negotiation skills, Fraida Varah’s seller clients’ homes sell for between 1%-3% more than the market average and sell faster, between 30-60 days sooner than the market average. Fraida’s buyer clients are often able to save thousands of dollars on their home purchase because of her ability and effort.